New $52-million Surrey sports complex with 3 ice rinks opening next month

A significant community and recreational complex in North Surrey is set to become a major destination attraction for the area, while also providing a rapidly growing municipality with a much-needed recreational amenity.

Aptly named the North Surrey Sport and Ice Complex (NSSIC), the $52-million, 110,000-sq-ft complex features three ice rinks for ice hockey and figure skating, as well as a full fitness studio and weight room for public use, multi-purpose rooms for spin classes and yoga, rentals, and food services. When the rinks are not covered with ice, they can be used for lacrosse.

“We know that healthy communities are those where residents of all ages and ability levels are engaged and active in sports and recreation,” said Laurie Cavan, the general manager of parks, recreation, and culture for the City of Surrey.

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