Private school in Surrey

Surrey school invests in COVID prevention renos

The Surrey independent school Glarea Elevated Learning has invested more than $500,000 in installing a new ventilation system to its facility, highlighting the importance of student health during the pandemic.

Located in the Excellent Ice facility, the K to 5 school opened in September 2020 and will grow with the students yearly up to Grade 12. The school’s four classrooms and “flex” space occupy the second-floor former restaurant/bar and viewing areas at the three-sheet arena, opened in 1999 by Surrey-based Lark Group.

With construction having already started prior to the coronavirus outbreak, Glarea added more structural improvements for COVID prevention, by customizing an indoor air quality design with BluTree Indoor Climate Systems. Working in conjunction with the Lark Group and Excellent Ice, the group created the ultimate climate and comfort-controlled learning environment for Glarea — which includes ventilation in every corner of every room.

This system also includes real time monitoring and adjustment, air purification with filter and UV light, constant fresh air movement and monitoring, advanced high efficiency heating, cooling, and humidity control, and O2 levels monitoring and control. This climate system will have a direct impact on increased performance and achievement, and to make sure that Educational Continuity is in place for a safe and clean learning environment.

In addition to the climate system, about $75,000 was allocated for other modifications to the facility design after consulting with the Fraser Health Authority to specifically address ways to reduce risk in terms of contagion — including motion-activated sinks, hospital standard cleaning, body temperature monitoring system, and increased hand sanitizing stations.

Currently, the renovations for the new facility at Excellent Ice in Surrey has totalled $4.7 million in Phase 1. Once Phase 3 is completed in 2022, with room to accommodate up to Grade 7, more than $13.6M will have been invested into the facility and the community.

Update:  Glarea Elevated Learning is now open and accepting new students.   In addition to a ventilation system that leads in COVID prevention, we are set up for seamless at remote learning when needed.

Source: REMI network