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Private School In Surrey Continues To Grow

In 2018, a few community members, industry leaders, and experts came together with a vision of developing an educational model for the present; an educational catalyst for the future.  This new private school in Surrey was based on the core belief that the traditional schools so heavily invested in single-use spaces, brick, and acres are outdated, unsustainable and as research shows, does not prime the brain for deep learning and the uncomfortable struggle of problem-solving for life.  We knew we could offer a better option for children from Kindergarten to Grade 7
Glarea is gritty, it is founded on the belief that the community, the neighbourhood, the world is a learning space. Getting uncomfortable, pushing past discomfort and confusion is how humans learn.  What better way to instill confidence, empower an indomitable spirit than immerse children in a learning environment, a multi-use space, walking in the rain to local parks, using public transit; essentially providing daily experiences that offer learning that develops confidence, a personal lifelong toolkit for pushing past uncertainty and uncomfort while fostering community engagement, innovative thinking, creativity and the determination to take real action to make this world a better place.
Our journey’s first step culminated on our opening day in September 2020.  By this time, we had both solidified plans with the YMCA, Excellent Ice, Arts Umbrella, Jay Demerit, Carter Walls, Surrey Coding School and Healthtech Connex; and witnessed what we intentionally and carefully crafted in our certain world, disintegrate as we pulled together to rework the construction and development onsite with the arrival of the global pandemic in March 2020.  At that time, we thought it would be a matter of weeks, maybe a few months, and things would go back to “normal”.
We pivoted, we invested in the BluTree Air Purification System, handwashing sinks at entry and hands-free accessories. We found comfort in our small cohort and class sizes.
This past year included the launch of the Founding Family Tuition Initiative.  Reducing our tuition rates to include Expert Streams to support the growth of our mission.  We have committed to this initiative continuing into the coming year and for the full continuous enrolment period of our students.
Looking back, we had mapped a plan for construction, we were ahead of schedule with drawings for phases 2 and 3 complete and well into city conversations.
Today, we find ourselves in a vastly different world. We have made the difficult decision, considering this new environment of continual uncertainty to focus our development and growth plans within the facility.
We have added two learning spaces to support our growth and have committed to a lab/multipurpose room. Our sole focus is on developing and growing with our tight-knit indomitable community to develop this model, a new kind of school.
Like everything that life throws at us, by staying true to our Challenge Based Model, Glarea commits to this process of learning and growing with all our stakeholders; from Board members, teachers, and experts, to our parent community and our students.
Each and every one of us is both a teacher and a learner. Through this process, Dr. Meadows joined us earlier this year, facilitated this learning, and engaged with us to collaborate and support us.  We have been very fortunate to have her on our team and are happy to hear positive feedback from our parent and student community.
The more impossible a challenge seems, the harder a Glarean will persevere to overcome it. We come together as a community to ignite and invigorate each other to elevate and succeed.  Together, on our own unique paths, we are indomitable.
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