Apply & Elevate

Grade 9-12

Apply & Elevate

Confidence through preparation

This Program elevates students and broadens their ability to assess challenges through perspective and critical analysis.


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Apply & Elevate

Grade 9-12

As Glareans approach graduation they must be prepared for what comes next; the uncertainty, challenges and hurdles of life. They are coached on applying the skills they have learned through our academic and expert streams to enable them to be adaptable and resilient to tests of character. Our graduates will be ready to extend and elevate beyond Glarea.

The Apply & Elevate program is structured to continue to build upon the growth and independence developed in previous years. Students broaden their ability to assess challenges through perspective and critical analysis. Overcoming obstacles and setbacks becomes a rewarding part of the learning process. Students are encouraged to take on more responsibility and to be accountable for their own learning with a choice of electives within the core curriculum including Mandarin, Computer Coding and AP courses.


Glarea will be the educational catalyst driving change and empowering students to identify and pursue their unique purpose.

Glarea Philosophy

our commitment

Through a balanced, experience-based curriculum with a focus on community, Glarea utilizes an integrated educational environment designed specifically to identify and ignite a passion for excellence, while cultivating the fundamental skills required for success.

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