What makes Glarea special?

We are a small school with small class sizes.  We offer a challenge-based approach to education and integrate physical movement and training alongside academics and arts education to promote creativity, imagination and inspire our students through character building, mentorship and a love for challenges and problem-solving.

Who is the school a great fit for?

Our families are those who strongly believe in fostering independence in their children, understanding that through defeat and difficulty children learn to persevere. Our potential families are those who encourage their children not to shy away from hard work, or risk a fall. They understand that only through the practice of problem-solving and rigor can children build the confidence necessary for success.

Our families believe that to be a successful and happy individual their child needs to experience academic, artistic and expressive success and build a love for their own physical and emotional well-being through activity. Our families are those who want to help foster a sense of purpose in their child’s everyday life, and most importantly, our families recognize and want to foster their child’s individuality.


How do I apply?
Please see our Admissions Page for detailed information. Click here.

What are the fees?
Please see our Tuition Page. Click here.

When will I know if my child has been selected to enroll?
Offers of enrollment will be sent out before April 1st 2020.

What is the assessment process?
The assessment process includes a review of your application. Independent discussions with each parent, a group interview and an in person assessment of the applicant.

What are you looking for in the assessment?
We are looking for families who share our values and are committed to raising young adults who are self-aware, independent, engaged and will support them to pursue their passions.

Is there support for Individual Education Plans (IEP)?
We are responsible for providing each and every student with the resources needed to succeed in a school setting. At this time, we have a limited resource center for Individual Educational Plans (IEP). Please contact the admission team for further information.

What kind of learning support do you offer?
Both junior and senior schools have fully staffed study and resource centres to assist students at all grade and learning levels, including students with individual education plans (IEP) and those taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses. We also offer tutoring, note-taking and after-school homework programs.

What is your refund policy?
Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Can my child enroll mid-school term?
Yes, if space allows. We contact families on our waitlist before offering enrolment to new applicants.

What kind of learning support do you offer?
There is academic support available to all students outside of the classroom.

Who is the school principal?

We are currently recruiting and assessing candidates for the position.

What are the qualifications of the teaching staff?

Our teachers hold a teaching certificate from the BC Ministry of Education.

Do you offer transportation to and from the school?


How many openings per class are there?

There are up to 24 spots per class.

Do you accept international students?

Yes. We accept students who legally reside in BC, who reside with their families in our community.

How can I prepare my child for assessment?

We understand this can be a stressful time for your family, but if you have time the week before the assessment drive by the school, pull into the parking lot with your child and discuss with them how you might be considering this school for them. Alternatively, you can also show them a brochure of the school, it will help your child feel much more comfortable if they have visited or seen the school before the assessment.

We would also suggest getting to bed on schedule the night before, having a healthy meal and starting the day off with a positive conversation, and maybe even make plans for after the assessment for your child to look forward to.

The assessment is only part of the enrollment process.

How can I prepare for my parent interview?
Spend some time thinking about your values as a parent and as a family unit. What is important to you?

Where is the school outdoor field?
The lessons of resilience are woven through our daily schedule, and transition routines and all elements of our daily practice. Children will walk rain or shine (with raingear) to a sports field a couple of blocks away.

What happens if I am not accepted?
If you are waitlisted we will contact you with the opportunity of an opening

What if I am only interested in the academic program?
Our program requires all students to enroll in our expert streams. A minimum of one sport and one art stream.

What if I am only interested in your sports or arts programs?
We only offer our expert streams to enrolled students, Glareans.

Do you offer English as a Second Language?

What does a typical day look like?
Students may start the day on the ice rink, building skating skills, playing a game of soccer or in the dance studio. Schedules vary with semester, sports and arts rotations and season. Our all inclusive environment allows families to spend more time together and we encourage unstructured free time outside of our school hours.

How do parents become involved?
Parents can join us in community efforts to give back, at planned events such as Food Bank volunteering, SOS Village Maintenance Volunteering. Parents are encouraged to create multiple safe places, and groups for their children to socialize and build a healthy and diverse social circle outside the school environment. Glareans are together a majority of the time, it’s healthy to have multiple support groups and friends circles.

How big are the classrooms?
We have a maximum class size of 24.

When will your grade 6 to 12 classes open?
We plan to open Grade 6 in September 2021, and grow one to two grades per year.

At what age can my child start?
At age 5+

Is there a cafeteria?
Yes. There is an option to purchase healthy nutrition meals from our cafeteria.

What are school hours?
The school hours are between 7am to 5:30pm. Times may vary depending on expert streams.

Is there before and after school care provided?
No. Our school hours are longer than typical school programs as they are arts education and specialized sports inclusive.

Are siblings guaranteed enrollment?
We make every effort to keep families together.


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