Fees & Schedule

Grade Annual Academic Tuition
K $18,000
1 $18,000
2 $18,000
3 $18,000
4 $18,000
5 $18,000
Stream Tuition
K-4 Multi-Discipline Sports $6,000
K-4 Multi-Art Education $2,500
Grade 5-8 Hockey $6,000
Grade 5-8 Soccer $4,000
Grade 5-8 Swimming $2,750
Grade 5-8 Technical Dance $6,500
Grade 5-8 Media Arts $2,200
Grade 5-8 Musical Theatre TBD
Grade 5-8 Volleyball TBD


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covid relief options available

  • Academic and Physical Literacy Programs - Exceeds BC Ministry of Education Standard
  • Health and Wellness Programs and Clinical Support Services
  • Separate In-School and At-Home Tech Packages - No ferrying of equipment
  • VR Package
  • Online Library
  • All basic school supplies
  • YMCA Membership
  • Industry Expert Partnerships and Programs
  • Customized Learning Programs
  • 1000 Hours of Learning Time (Compared to 850 Standard for BC)

TUITION CHART 2021-2022 Academics
Grade Tuition Monthly Fee ($1000 Deposit applied)
K $17,000 $1,600
1 $17,000 $1,600
2 $17,500 $1,650
3 $17,500 $1,650
4 $18,000 $1,700
5 $18,000 $1,700
6 $18,250 $1,725

+ Application Fee of $250 - applied to first tuition payment

COVID Relief Opportunities Available See Below
*this does not include student uniforms, sports gear, or individual school supplies

Grade K-4 Multisport
Package A Skating/Hockey $275
Martial Arts $125
Swimming* $125
TOTAL no swimming $400
TOTAL with swimming $525
Add-ons Soccer* $150
Volleyball* $120
Basketball* $150
Fencing* $200
GRADE 5+ Specialized Sports* $350

*Dependant on COVID-19

Grade K-4 Arts
Package A Visual Arts & Media $225
Total $225
Add-ons Dance* $220
Musical Theory $200
GRADE 5+ Specialized Arts* $250

*Dependant on COVID-19

Covid Relief Program
PLAN A Full Payment upon Registration by May 1st, 2021 5% Discount
PLAN B Monthly 10 Equal Payments beginning July 1st, 2021
PLAN C Financing 8% Interest - Monthly Payment of $1000
PLAN D Emergency Deferral - 15% Student Body

$800/mo payable beginning May 1st (or at enrolment) at 0% interest if paid by December 2022

After December 2022, 9% interest is charged until paid in full

This includes Academic Tuition Only

As set out under section 12(5) of the Independent School Regulation, in the case of Glarea Elevated Learning having to provide a prorated repayment of fees for courses not taken or completed; Glarea maintains a bond for this purpose.

The Inspector of Independent Schools expects Glarea Elevated Learning to have enough cash-on-hand to provide fee refunds in the event that the school fails to open, fails to receive certification after an initial external evaluation inspection, or otherwise closes during its first year of operation.

Students may apply for a prorated refund under the provisions of the Independent School Regulation and the Bonding Act in cases where a school is closed or closes and refunds are not provided. Ministry of Education administration of a Group 4 independent school bond for the purpose of providing partial refunds can be a lengthy process, taking up to 40 months, and parents should not rely on partial refunds derived from this bond for any payment required before this time period (e.g. parents should not rely on the partial refund coming from the bond to pay fees at another school.


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Define & Develop (Grade 5 & 6)

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Experience & Discover
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Define & Develop
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Experience & Discover K-4
Define & Develop (Grade 5)

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