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We seek innovative and passionate educators who embed 21st century learning into their daily classroom practice. Strengths in collaboration, co-planning and co-teaching are an asset, as well as the ability to differentiate to meet the needs of all learners in the classroom environment. 

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Plan and create student learning incorporating BC Curriculum’s objectives, including STEM and design thinking
  • Plan and create student learning that incorporates technology
  • Personalize learning opportunities for students
  • Understand the principles of learning and actively engage every child in the learning process
  • Participate in school-based professional learning to co-plan and co-teach for student success, and to incorporate top rated curricula and best practices from around the world Implement formative and summative assessment strategies that engage students in the learning process
  • Provide students with timely and relevant feedback, aligned with high expectations and clear goals, to deepen their learning
  • Formally report on student progress and growth, incorporating self-assessment and peer-assessment practices
  • Be the touchstone for parents, students and teachers
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues to support the development of multidisciplinary integration of lessons and units and to inform professional practice
  • Maintain appropriate standards of behaviour, mutual respect, and safety within the classroom and school environment
  • Uphold Glarea’s educational philosophy and Code of Conduct, provide appropriate consequences and communicate with families proactively
  • Incorporate appropriate technology to enhance learning
  • Develop a positive, safe culture through actions and words
  • Integrate social responsibility and kindness into daily teaching and routines
  • Be available to students and families outside of class time
  • Make regular connections to the school values and uphold the development of personal and social competencies

Position Qualifications
  • Must be legally entitled to work in Canada at the time of application
  • Possess or be in application of a valid BC Teaching Certificate
  • Possess a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification in education
  • Models a strong work ethic as well as high standards of commitment
  • Fosters school mission, values and sense of community through student-centered decisions
  • Effectively communicates with staff, parents and students
  • Maintains professionalism through all school interactions and activities
  • Values continual personal professional growth and development 
  • Values continual growth and development of school programs and curriculum
  • Participates in reflective practice and engages in continuous professional growth

This is your chance to make a change in a dynamic environment! If you share our values and have the skills necessary to bring success to the role, then we invite you to apply today!


Please forward your cover letter, résumé, and a copy of your work permit (applicable to non-citizens/permanent residents) to

Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

Glarea Teacher Qualities

  • You seek to understand each child as an individual (their needs, desires, talents)
  • You actively look for ways to meet each child’s learning targets 
  • Your students have a sense of belonging and are respected in your class
  • Your students thrive and enjoy being in your class  
  • You understand that teaching is a learning profession
  • You research your own practice and reflect upon it
  • You welcome feedback and seek ways to improve your practice
  • You are able to motivate your students to learn and grow as individuals (i.e. become the best version of themselves)
  • You can teach with no tech, low tech, or high tech and know when to use which and why
  • You are present and responsive, able to detect and act on the needs that arise in the ever changing dynamics of a classroom 
  • You are goal-oriented, self-reliant and responsible – you make things work
  • You draw upon your knowledge and creativity to provide meaningful / authentic learning experiences for your students
  • You plan for instruction and teach with clear goals in mind while allowing for creativity and spontaneity. 
  • You communicate clearly and truthfully - you say what you mean and you mean what you say.
  • You are willing to reflect and cast a critical eye on your practice, pedagogy and yourself and adjust your teaching after implementing learning experiences and consulting what research has to offer in the areas in which you are choosing to grow personally and professionally.
  • You will use your expertise as an educator to manage the boundaries of adventure (learning experience) and to make sure the journey stays on track. 
  • You are an agent for positive change – you question, provide suggestions and give constructive feedback
  • You are generous and supportive, willing to contribute your knowledge, experience, and effort towards achieving mutual goals of the school / team
  • You are a ‘connected’ teacher, who actively establishes associations with other professionals and resources from across the world. These connections exist both in “real” life and in the digital arena
  • You see yourself as part of a learning community, alongside the students, families, administrators and field experts who share the responsibility and workload for creating and participating in the learning experiences.
  • You are more than an information expert - you are a collaborator in learning who leverages the power of the student, seeks new knowledge alongside students, and models positive habits of mind and new ways of thinking and learning. 

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