Glarea Elevated Learning is a private school and operates as a non-profit organization. We are a small team of subject matter experts, business leaders, strategists, idealists and innovators who came together with a shared vision to drive change and create a model school. One that is virtually limitless as it is not restricted by Politics, Boards and long bureaucratic cycles. We can adapt and change quickly, offer new programs and partner with visionaries. Our organization is committed to removing large fundraising initiatives and large overhead costs from the private school model. We are a self-sustaining school, there are no legacy asks, bonds or unsolicited requests for resources. What we do ask for from you are amazing ideas, concepts and contacts that Glarea can piece together and put into action to benefit and continuously grow our community.

Tuition costs cover:

  • Academic and Physical Literacy
  • Programs - Exceeds BC Ministry of Education Standard
  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • All basic school supplies
  • YMCA Membership (Dependant on YMCA Staffing)
  • Industry Expert Partnerships and Programs
  • Customized Learning Programs
Glarea is a small school, with a big vision.


Identify and Ignite a Passion for Excellence.