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There are some exciting things happening at Excellent Ice, our future home! We are offering both Virtual Tours through video calls, or Safe Distancing Tours on site, to share what we’ve been up to and what we have planned for September. The tours will showcase the Glarean experience and provide insight into our innovative approach and application of Challenge Based Learning through STEM in our all-inclusive Arts and Sport Environment.

  • A vision of the Glarea campus and way of life
  • Meet the founders and Principal
  • An introduction to Challenge Based Learning
  • Learn the process of becoming a Glarean
  • Receive information for all your education and campus life questions

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Tuesdays 9-12Thursdays 3-6Saturdays 11-2I require a different time
If you require a different time please contact to request an alternate day and time.


Experience & Discover K-4
Define & Develop (Grade 5)

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Experience & Discover
k-Grade 4
Define & Develop
Grade 5 - 8
Apply & Elevate
Grade 9 - 12

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