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These trying times for our community inspired three of our partner organizations to consider a way to offer support to our local community in learning and empowering indomitable spirit.
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HealthTech Connex, Lark Group and Academics PreKindergarten has partnered with Glarea Elevated Learning to offer a scholarship program.

The scholarships are available on a case-by-case basis and determined based on family and student needs and other related factors. Scholarships are limited. Successful applicants' Tuition will be 60% subsidized for their entire tenure.

Please apply here and include your family story and needs in the attachments.

Apply for the Scholarship Program

Applications must be received by June 1st, 2023 for your child to be considered. Successful candidates will be contacted by July 1st 2023.


Experience & Discover K-4
Define & Develop Grade 5-7

Accepting Applications

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Experience & Discover
k-Grade 4
Define & Develop
Grade 5 - 7
Apply & Elevate
Grade 9 - 12

Experience & Discover K-4
Define & Develop grade 5-7


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