Admission Process

Admissions Process

Applying to a private school is an intimidating process. The Team at Glarea encourages you to attend an open house event to get to know us. Our educational design, expert sports and arts experiences, and the character of our school allow our students to develop their mind, body and heart. Thank you for considering our School as a possible fit for your child’s education.

We determine their suitability of each student by reviewing their application, report cards, letters of reference as well as administering a phone assessment and in person interviews specific to each grade. We value all applicants.

  • The school seeks to ensure the appropriate match between a prospective student/family and the mission of our institution.
  • The school respects and affirms the dignity and worth of each individual in the admission process.
  • The school withholds non-discriminatory practices in the administration of admission and its policies.
  • The school respects the need for confidentiality.
  • The school shares detailed information with families regarding their financial obligations before enrollment.
Application Process

Glarea seeks students and families who share our core values and demonstrate a willingness to be a part of an educational environment that is student-driven, rigorous, and founded on an appreciation of grit, resilience and independence. Admission is granted on the basis of application forms and interview. Individual consideration is the essence of both our admission and our educational processes. 


We respect the time and effort families take in choosing a school and applying. Our enrolment process is ongoing. Each application is fully processed within 20 business days and offers of enrollment are sent within this time period. 

Ready to Apply?


Please fill the online application form and ensure all the required fields are filled out. Only completed applications will be processed for subsequent parent phone interviews.

Online Application Form

Please Note that the following documents will be required later in the application process.

  • Copy of your child's proof of citizenship (birth certificate, Permanent Resident card)
  • Copy of parents' proof of citizenship (birth certificate, passport, Permanent Resident card)
  • Immunization Records
  • Applicant photo
  • Family Photo
  • Copies of your child's report cards for a total of two years (if applicable)
  • Reference letter from last academic institution attended, including preschool if applying for Kindergarten
  • 2 Personal Reference Letters

Once an application is processed, families will be contacted to set up individual parent phone interviews. In person family and child interviews will be scheduled with step two completion.


Individual parent interviews and an in-person meeting with the applicant student is completed.


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