Experience & Discover

Kindergarten - Grade 4

Experience & Discover

Growing beyond Boundaries


Our Experience & Discover Program at the Glarea Private Elementary School in Surrey is designed to expose a child to a wide variety of topics and activities to help them identify their passions.



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Experience & Discover

K-Grade 4

The more varied a child’s experiences, the more they discover about themselves. Their interests, passions, likes, dislikes and countless other learnings shape their self-awareness. Through these discoveries in Sports, Academics, and Arts,  we begin to explore self-care, discipline and building a foundation of coping strategies. They gain an understanding that failure isn’t a destination but a part of the journey, Glarea builds a sense of accomplishment into the simple act of just getting back up and trying again.

The Experience & Discover Program is designed to maximize a child’s exposure to a wide variety of topics and activities to help them identify their passions. We drive an interest and desire to try new things, ask questions, consider perspectives and explore the world. As a result, our students find what piques their curiosity and ignites a passion to understand and master a topic or skill. Glarea expands on the B.C. Ministry of Education program by including French, Mandarin and Computer Coding in the core curriculum from Kindergarten through to Grade 7. Within the curriculum students focus on problem solving skills, individual creativity, logical thinking, and skill development through experimentation and play.

Our Promise

Glarea will be the educational catalyst driving change and empowering students to identify and pursue their unique purpose.

Glarea Philosophy

Our Commitment

Through a balanced, experience-based curriculum with a focus on community, Glarea utilizes an integrated educational environment designed specifically to identify and ignite a passion for excellence, while cultivating the fundamental skills required for success.

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