Define & Develop

Grade 5-7

Define & Develop

Success built on practice

The Define & Develop Program builds on previous experience by identifying the unique interests that spark imagination and excitement in every student as they move through the key stages from Grade 5 to 7.


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Define & Develop

Grade 5-7

At this stage children are going through a time of constant change and transition. We support them through this period by helping them identify, define and develop what gives them joy and inspires passion. We continue to build on the practice of self care and awareness, successful coping strategies, and that overall success is built on set backs just as much as it is on breakthroughs as they move through Grade 5 to 7.

The Define & Develop program builds on Experience & Discover by identifying the key interests that sparked the imagination and excitement of each individual student. Together we then design a custom program that ensures development through deliberate practice by overlaying the core curriculum with your chosen Expert Streams. Glarea expands on the B.C. Ministry of Education program by including French, Mandarin and Computer Coding in the core curriculum from Kindergarten through to Grade 7. The core curriculum emphasizes collaboration, brainstorming, time management, and uses tech-integration to expand problem solving skills, innovative thinking and creativity.


Glarea will be the educational catalyst driving change and empowering students to identify and pursue their unique purpose.

Glarea Philosophy


Through a balanced, experience-based curriculum with a focus on community, Glarea utilizes an integrated educational environment designed specifically to identify and ignite a passion for excellence, while cultivating the fundamental skills required for success.


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