At Glarea, Mandarin and French are a fundamental part of our programming starting in Kindergarten. A second language boosts critical-thinking, and listening skills, in addition to improving memory and the ability to multitask. Proficiency in other languages enhances creativity and mental flexibility.

Language opens the door to greater understanding, enables connection and allows us a greater part of being a global citizen.

Mandarin is a highly complex language taught at Glarea by native speaker Tina Zhu. Students learn new characters and are challenged with writing in a language different from one based on the latin alphabet. This difficult language to learn, which interestingly is also the most widely spoken on the globe, requires the memorization of thousands of characters. Our program uses manageable units of learning focusing on conversational mandarin and introducing students to Chinese calligraphy, writing and culture.

French is one of two official languages in Canada. The French program at Glarea is based on the BC Ministry of Education’s guidelines and our students learn to speak, write and read the language. The interactive and engaging learning model is applied through song, theatre, reading and collaborative learning.


As a part of our tech immersive programming, applied design through technology, such as coding, starts at Kindergarten. Learning to problem solve, create and design digitally, our students begin to utilize logic to build solutions through code. Our partner, Harish Raisinghani, brings coding to the classroom to share how it is applied everyday in our ever evolving digital world.

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