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The K-4 Multi-Sport Stream focuses on physical literacy, basics of movement, and provides the opportunity for children to experience multiple athletic programs and discover what they enjoy. It is a safe place that allows them to make mistakes, reflect, try again and ultimately, improve.

Sport streams selection are seasonal. Students will cycle through a variety of sports program throughout their years at Glarea.

Overseeing the Expert Hockey Stream is Darin Vetterl of Excellent Ice, he has coached players of all ages and skill levels from Minor Hockey, Junior, to University players. Throughout his over 30 years of coaching and training experience, he has coached hockey players throughout Vancouver, USA, and Australia. The program includes basic ice skating skills development, from skating posture to stride mechanics. Training includes power skating, advanced shooting and puck control, high tempo power skating and defence training.  Our advanced facility includes strength training equipment and a skate mill.

Trina Jackson manages the Learn to Skate program, she is a Canada NCCP Certified instructor, and has been teaching Learn to Skate for over 29 years. Her background includes: Gold Level Figure & Freestyle Skater, Senior Silver Dancer, National Synchronized Competitive Skater, as well as being a Competitive Singles Skater.

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