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What is Challenge-Based Learning?

Originally developed by Apple Inc.’s Education team in the late 2000’s, Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) is an educational approach that emphasizes student engagement, collaboration, and problem-solving. It is designed to foster critical thinking and creativity by presenting students with real-world challenges that require them to active learners and problem solvers. In CBL, students work in teams to investigate, analyze, and propose solutions to authentic, complex problems. These challenges are typically interdisciplinary in nature, allowing students to draw upon knowledge from various subjects and apply them in a meaningful context. The challenges can be local or global in scope, ranging from environmental issues to social justice problems.

The process of Challenge-Based Learning follows a structured process involving six steps

CBL 6steps

CBL encourages students to be active participants in their learning journey, promoting collaboration, critical thinking, and empathy. By addressing authentic challenges, students develop essential skills and knowledge while also gaining a sense of purpose and engagement in their education.